Better Prosthetic Process
An experience design group project with leading prosthetics manufacturer Össur. To understand and improve the process, we met with clients and stakeholders throughout the different stages of the process.
While conducting user interviews, it became apparent that while no intervention could turn this process from a negative into a positive experience, there were routes to support clients and help them to feel comfortable and supported throughout.

Many clients had a positive experience with the company, but through emotion mapping, they identified various key stages where things could be humanised. 
We advocated creating a family atmosphere to afford users to bring their own emotional support systems, be it family or friends into the process. Moving away from technical naming structures for products, we proposed a bespoke naming system for prosthetics. We developed the idea of an on-call prosthetist who was able to attend home visits, and finally, we wanted Össur to offer the option to celebrate with clients when their mobility has returned, cementing friendships and learnings and providing the chance to make longer-term connections for support.