Material Culture
In this modern world, we are becoming ever further disconnected from the reality of the tangible objects that surround us. First world economies see their industrial heritage sit with languor, slow moving beasts of a past modernity. Yet, there are glimpses of industries that continue to work.
In a collaboration with Heinrich Ehnert and Johan Krantz, we drove out from Stockholm, Sweden north-west into the county of Dalarna to visit some of these industries surviving the industrial cull with their material and industrial heritage, that intangible connection to their surroundings, still intact. 
Over the course of the week we visit a tannery, iron foundry & mongery, a quarry, a brushmakers, a bakers and a paint makers. 
We learn a great deal about what it is to work in such a way in modern times, how these industries adapt and ask, if, in any way, we could help. 
What stirred us was the deep heartfelt affection for the people we met and the jobs they did, a knowledge that they were, becoming, unique. 
This written work is a documentation of those visits including vivd photographs of the people, processes and products that we encountered on a week exploring the Material Culture of rural Sweden.