Noisy Trees
After walking past a veteran tree threatened by development in Stockholm, I created a range of instruments to give voices to the voiceless.
A project with a focus on post-humanism. How do we relate to the trees around us? If they had a voice, what would they say? As part of an explorative project in the first semester of my master's programme at Konstfack, I took the whistle as an object to investigate. 
Whistles have been used since time immemorial (to communicate, empower and produce music). I wanted to combine these three aspects and developed four instruments that perform the function of a whistle - to make noise and bring attention. 
They could be used by non­-humans. I chose to make a design intervention by designing these objects to be used specifically by trees after I was inspired by a local tree whose presence was threatened by road development. If I were this tree what would I do to attract the attention of all the people walking past and mostly not giving a second glance? 

By affording this tree the ability to make new noises - maybe people walking past will give it more than just a passing glance.