The Topical Testament
A discursive and journalistic design project which aims to highlight and question the growing mental health epidemic by presenting a new religion for modern humanity.
The Topical Testament is a project which explores the topics of mental health, religion and design itself as a problem-solving tool. Mental health can be a so-called 'Wicked Problem.' An issue without an apparent current solution. 
We live in an age where anxiety and depression spread amongst humans like a plague, we are in the crux of a mental health epidemic. 
Using a bespoke design methodology - Journalistic Design, I created a fictional religion, one that is compatible with contemporary science and society - the worship of chance, and built a temple to probability and chance as a catalyst for discussion on the way we live our lives and how we can, therefore, better take care of our mental health. 
"Because Chance delivers good and ill fortune to all, it is indeed the overarching deity which controls life." Deities [1.01] 
In a modern, fast and interconnected world, the modern human has many stresses to deal with. The complete freedom to do, see and think whatever you like is a poisoned chalice. We pile pressure on ourselves to be successful, and we can only blame ourselves if we feel we don't reach our potential. Anxiety spreads among us like an infectious disease. 
The Topical Testament exposes the fallacies and frailties of modern life through a designed, fictional and journalistic religion in which believers follow, adore and find salvation from anxiety in Chance - accepting that as the great power of life, it indiscriminately punishes and rewards humanity. 
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